Robert “Bob” Swerdling, Principal

Bob Swerdling has 25 years of experience in public finance and has been providing services to municipal clients for over 15 years. During Bob’s career, he has successfully financed over $4.0 billion for state and local governments. He has worked from all corners of the public financing business; as a public finance client while working for the State of New Mexico, as an Investment banker while heading Piper Jaffray’s Municipal Project Revenue/Hospitality Group, and as a Credit Analyst while serving as a Director of Municipal Finance at Standard and Poor’s.

Over the past 10 years, Bob’s career has focused on public-private partnerships with a specialization in hospitality financings. Mr. Swerdling served as managing director at Piper Jaffray and was responsible for running their Municipal Project Revenue/Hospitality Group. During his tenure at Piper Jaffray, Mr. Swerdling served as lead banker on transactions including: the Omaha Convention Center Hotel Refunding (2007), Denver Convention Center Hotel Refunding (2006), the Baltimore Convention Center Hotel (2006), the Austin Convention Center Hotel (2001), the Denver Convention Center Hotel (2003), the Austin-Bergstrom Airport Hotel (1999), and the Omaha Convention Center Hotel (2002).

Prior to his investment banking career, Bob was employed as a municipal analyst at Standard and Poor’s. After nearly eight years at Standard and Poor’s, Bob held positions of Director of Municipal Finance and Manager of the Municipal Short-Term Debt Group.

After receiving a Master’s Degree in Economics in 1983 from the University of Chicago, Bob was an economic and policy analyst for the Department of Finance and Administration for the State of New Mexico. Bob served as the liaison between the Governor and Secretary of finance and the Wall Street Firms. Bob also taught courses in micro and macroeconomic theory as an adjunct professor for the University of New Mexico.