Swerdling & Associates specializes in assisting local and state governments, and real estate developers determine the most efficient financing solution for their hospitality project needs. Our knowledge of available sources of funding, experience in obtaining access to those sources of funding, and ability to manage the appropriate uses of funding saves our client’s a considerable amount of time and expense.

Plan of Finance Creation

  • Evaluate and present financing alternatives
  • Recommend bond structure and security provisions
  • Identify cash flow mechanics
  • Perform shock scenarios to assist in the assessment of the risk associated with the financial obligations
  • Assist in Negotiation of Business, Credit and Deal Points
  • Recommend asset manager, operations monitor, and/or construction monitor as appropriate
  • Provide consultation on management agreement, pre-opening and technical service agreements, room block agreement, indenture, etc.
  • Identify performance standards for hotel operators and guaranteed completion contract
  • Review title work or form of lease
  • Coordinate and prepare presentations to rating agencies and bond insurers
  • Assist in the negotiation of the guaranteed maximum price
  • Assist in the negotiation of the Hotel Operating Agreement and the operator’s financial contribution to the Hotel
  • Negotiate with credit enhancement providers and rating agencies

Market Financing

  • Recommend marketing plan
  • Evaluate and arrange investor tours and presentations
  • Develop and review appropriate disclosure documentation
  • Complete due diligence
  • Structure underwriting syndicate to price and sell bonds

Coordinate Post Sale Activities

  • Coordinate closing activities
  • Recommend investment strategies for bond proceeds
  • Assist in the monitoring of disbursements
  • Assist in ongoing financial cash flow analysis after project opening, as requested
  • Assist with ongoing relations and communications with rating agencies and investors, as requested